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Below are the main categories that we offer. Every client is different and has unique needs, we tailer make a solution for each client, but to get a general idea of the areas we work in, and what they are, see the list below

Web Design and Development

Whether you are a small start up business or a large corporate firm, we will create the best solution for you. Each customer has unique needs, we create a website that suits your needs


SEO Services (Search Engine optimisation)

With proper search engine optimisation, you can target your customers searches and greatly increase visits to your website. More visits = more customers


Social media & online marketing

Using vital social media opportunities such as Facebook business pages, Google plus branding pages, YouTube channels and custom twitter pages you can reach out to your target audience and promote your business or service


Mobile Website Design

By 2015 Mobile web traffic will surpass desktop / laptop traffic! Is your website a mobile-friendly? Less than 10% of websites are mobile friendly, can you afford to lose these customers



Especially in this tough economy, it is getting harder for businesses to make steady sales. With a complete ecommerce solution you can target your customers and sell to them over the internet, increasing profits and coverage

Branding and Logo

Having a professional clear logo, and smart branding colours helps you market your business easily. We do in depth reserach in to Colour Psychology and the power of choosing the right colours for your business. We offer logo and branding packages

Graphic Design

Posters, flyers, brochures, business cards, and anything else you need, we design, print and deliver to your door


Our pre-build Website Packages

We have a selection of pre-built website packages for you to choose from.

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We are a creative team with versatile talent to cater for your website design and development needs aiming to deliver an outstanding online presence.




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