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What it is?

SEO or search engine optimising is the active practice of optimising a website by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines. Increased traffic means more business and a higher ranking in search engines.

Why do you need it?

To ensure you are listed/ranked highly in the search engines used by your customers/potential customers. If they cannot find you, they will not give you business. Ninety-two percent of the online population visits a search engine, portal or community site every month and top search engine rankings can generate up to 900% more traffic to a site translating to up to 80% more in sales. With SEO your websites are easily found, there is increased traffic/people visiting your site which results in more customer enquiries and productivity and finally you will have a Global reach, changing from just servicing customers in your area, to country wide and world wide.

Basic SEO Setup:

With this we ensure that your site is setup to be search-engine friendly, removing issues such as duplicate content with URL Canonicalization. We set up Basic Meta-Tags (Titles, Keywords & Descriptions) for your web pages. We set up a Robots.txt, which makes sure the search engines can access all of all of the pages you want, and a 301 redirect setup from your old site to the new one if necessary.

Google Website Analytics

Once your website is live, it is vital that you keep monitoring the activity to see: if customers are increasing/decreasing; what the most popular pages are; what countries and cities are your customers from etc. We offer Google analytics, which will allow you to constantly monitor your site, and react to any changes in the market as it happens. With this vital information you can change your site to suit your customers’ needs.

Google Webmaster Account Setup

This will allow you to access detailed reports about your page’s visibility on Google search engine. This includes site verification and preferred domain setup: important features to help you rank on Google. In this account you also can see the monthly searches to your website, and also for what keyword customers have searched.

Google Places/Location Setup (local search, maps)

Google Places allows you to update and manage your physical business location information. This information can be used to update your business listing so that it appears correctly within Google Maps and search and display network sites.

A local search typically includes a location as keyword in the search term, for example “web design Cork”, and is used by customers seeking a business or product in their area. When these types of searches are performed, the searchengines will often pull a geographic map of local business listings with important contact and directional information. It’s important that your site is listed locally, as well as having all of your correct contact details available. We will suggest the local search terms that will affect you and also any local company listings on which you should be present.

Advanced SEO Keyword Research

First of all, a keyword is a word that people enter in to a search engine(i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing). The search engines try to match the searched keyword to a website which contains matching content.

Firstly, we analyse what your customers search for. Once we have this information, we have a great idea about your business already, as these search terms (keywords) should be the most important elements in your business.

What we do next is return with how effectively your site is with regards to these search terms.

Finally, and most importantly, we come up with niches, or items similar to your original search terms, but ones which have a high number of searches and low number of competing websites; this will allow you to ensure that you don’t pick the wrong keywords, and that you get hits on your webpage.

We will also list and analyse your main competitors, what they offer, and plan how to help you perform better than them. Then we come up with areas of opportunity for your business, and how you can challenge your competitors and ideally rank higher than them, resulting in more business.

XML Site Map Creation & Submission

We create a map of your website in XML and send it to the major search engines so they know the main categories of your website, and index your website correctly, helping you attract related searches.

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