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Device Detection

Our system detects what mobile device the visitor has, and displays the suit tailored for that device.

Call Now Button

Customers can call you with one click from anywhere within the site, multiple phone numbers supported.

Image Gallery

Display images from a image gallery or create your own gallery. Images optimized for each device.

Shopping cart

Allow your users to buy your products and services from their mobile device.


Automatically display your latest business reviews from Yelp and Foursquare on your mobile site.


Use Videos to engage your visitors, Getmobi automatically converts and optimizes up to 10 videos or playlists for any device from either YouTube or Vimeo.

Are you mobile friendly?

mobile facts

How do you know if your website is mobile-friendly? There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about how mobile websites differ from regular websites. Users need to be able to navigate easily through your website and find the information they require quickly.

Here are some common issues reported when viewing websites on mobile devices

  • Complexity / Content–The website has too much information on display; mobile users want easy to find information quickly.
  • Layout– When viewing a website on a mobile device, you will only see a small proportion of a regular website, meaning a user needs to scroll and zoom to find information.
  • Size– Large websites with a lot of content, images and complexity take a long time to load on mobile devices and are quite expansive if the user is paying per MB.
  • Navigation– if the user has to try to zoom in to a portion of a website to click a link, it becomes frustrating and difficult for them.

You can test out your website below with our mobile friendly test page.

Mobile friendly test

What are my customers’ needs?

Before you decide what you need in your mobile website, you should consider these questions:

  1. Why would people use a mobile to device to visit your site?
  2. What information do they need from your site in that context?

On a mobile device, however, users tend to be:

  • Sitting on the couch at home
  • Walking around, inside or outside
  • Queuing for something
  • Waiting for a bus, train or plane, or travelling
  • Looking for a specific piece of information
  • Mostly consuming content
  • Easily distracted by their environment

In our experience, mobile visitors are using their mobile device on the go, so the most important factors are that:

  1. They can find out information quickly, so, therefore, your mobile website should load quickly
  2. They do not want too much information – just the vital points of what your business does and what it offers

Responsive vs Mobile website

All our websites will include a responsive layout, this is a layout / design which will adapt to suit the visitors.  Forexample if they view the website with an iphone, ipad, tablet, pc or laptop, the website will display to ensure that teh viewer can see all the information clearly.

If you have a website and it is not mobile friendly, we offer a complete solution with our partner GetMobi.  What it is a mobile website which will work with your current website, and offers everything you need.

you can read more here

What we offer

With this in mind, we offer simple, fast loading, elegant mobile websites that will suit your needs


Mobile Stanalone website

€ 249.99

GetMobi Website

€ 69.99

Mobile Website Comparison
If you find a price from a competitor for a similar product we will do our best to match itWebsite Price € 249.99 € 69.99
Website Pages: We will set-up the specified pages on your mobile website, these can include simple text and small images. up to 5 unlimited
Mobile Starter Design - We use our default theme for your mobile site matching your branding colours and with your supplied logo included. included n/a
GetMobi Website - We offer 50% off GetMobi set up fees click here. n/a included
We will host your mobile website for the first year for FREE if you dont want to host it with your website. FREE 1 Year Hosting included included
We set up a google map on your mobile website, so a user can use this to find directions to your business. Google Places/Location page included included
We set up a link that will allow the user to call your business with a click of a button and also to add to their phonebook. Click to call & add-to-phonebook links included included
We set up a link that will allow your users to share your website with their friends. Forward to a friend. included included
We set up custom links to the your main social media platforms. Links to social media included included
Load a video from your mobile website, this is a great method to engage your visitors. Video Integration included included
With custom booking forms, you can receive any booking type directly from the mobile website to an email account. Custom contact / Booking Form included included
Google analytics is a tool that will allow you to see the stats for your website. How many people visited, which pages they visited, how long they stayed, highlighting what sections of your website are most popular and what sections might need to be changed. Google Website Analytics included included
We comnplete an in-depth research into the mobile market, we find keywords (words people enter into search engines such as Google) that match your services, with high search volume and low competition, so you can rank on Google for these keywords and gain more customers. Advanced SEO Keyword Research included included

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