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Date Posted: 10-12-2015

Job Code: 00-15

Job Timing: Full - Time Remote Internship (with possibility of permenant job)

Job Description

Tourism specific Market Intelligence Intern - x 2.

Skills Requirement

We need to 2 new members to work remotely on an exciting new project. This will involve the research and viability plan of a on-line tourism system targeting the South of Spain, primarily Murcia and Almeria. The new interns will need to work on a remote basis, and report weekly with the market research and findings.
The intern must have a medium / good level of English and be Fluent in Spanish. This is an unpaid role

Duration of three months.

Its main functions are:

  • Assistance with the design and management of new products and services.
  • Finding information and statisticss regarding possible target destinations and activities.
  • Find providers and contact management budgets.
  • Creating new travel destinations and promote them on the online platform.
  • Telemarketing actions in the recruitment and development of new customers.
  • Prepare budgets and track budgets submitted.
  • Collaborate on digital MKT work, RRSS, Blog, etc ...
  • Rise of the content (offers, product, etc) to the site.
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Date Posted: 15-02-2015

Job Code: 00-12

Job Timing: Full - Time Internship (with possibility of permenant job)

PDF Link:  Sales Int Intern x 2.pdf

Job Description

International Sales -Account Manager - x 2.

Skills Requirement

  • Proficiency in PPT, Word and Excel; Experience with Microsoft Visio and sales process automation tools a plus
  • We are looking for someone who is an effective communicator at all levels of an organization and can work cross-functionally
  • You should be results and quality driven with an attention to detail and an ability to meet commitments and achieve goals
  • You should have a positive, proactive attitude; an analytical mind; and enjoy challenges
  • You should have a passion for business and a thirst for learning new things
  • Need to have experience working in a similar role
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Our Core Team Member's

Adrian Duffy
Project Manager / Developer

Adrian has worked in web design and development for over 12 years.He is a co-founder of Portable Web Design. He works on: gathering the requirements of clients’ websites; planning out a wire frame model and how the user interface will look; choosing appropriate colours, logo and branding; and designing the final website design. He also specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),

Anke Ossewaarde
Marketing Manager

Anke works on the majority of the Marketing and sales activities for the Irish Market, with years of experience doing market research, online marketing and sales support.

Jacob Hauge
Customer Service / Sales

Jacob has been working in sales over 4 years in various roles. Jacob calls both Idaho and Oregon home in the great Northwest, USA. With an extensive background in customer experience, Jacob works in our customer relationship and creative departments with roles in copy, marketing, and account management.

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