Below is a list of the different business card sizes and dimensions.

The most popular business card size is the USA Standard, which is 89 x 51 mm. If you would like to print on an alternative size or shape feel free to contact us and we will quote you for this

85mm x 55mm 55mm x 85mm 90mm x 55mm 55mm x 90mm
89mm x 51mm 
(U.S.A. Standard)
51mm x 89mm 
(U.S.A. Standard)
110mm x 85mm 
Folded to 55mm x 85mm
85mm x 110mm 
Folded to 85mm x 55mm
110mm x 90mm 
Folded to 55mm x 90mm
90mm x 110mm 
Folded to 90mm x 55mm


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